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esoft creative provides marketing solutions for a wide range of customers. Our secret weapon is a great diversity in cultural and professional backgrounds paired with an inspiring office in Barcelona. 

Call us now and get your finger on the trigger when you need the silver bullet to solve your marketing challenges.


esoft creative's copywriting department delivers more than one hundred thousand well composed, thoroughly researched and proofread words a week. Our current languages are English, Swedish, Danish and German - but watch this space or contact us if your project includes other languages.

Graphic design & digital development

When copy and moving images need to come nicely together in a design that makes sense both visually and technically, look to the esoft creative department for graphic design & digital development. We give everything a consistent and inviting wrapping with a unique twist to make it suit your particular needs.

Video editing

Let your customers get to know you. Look them in the eyes and tell them who you are. Explain complex products and services with movies and motion graphics. At the esoft creative movie-editing department we listen to your needs and transform them into the language of moving images - always with your target audience in mind.

Our beautiful offices

Our beautiful offices give us a great source of inspiration in our daily work. Situated in the picturesque Palo Alto, a former factory in Barcelona's up-and-coming neighbourhood Poblenou, we are surrounded by other creative companies in the rustique buildings where flowering greenery climbs the old walls. And during lunch or after work we can walk a few hundred meters and enjoy the sun, the beach and the open blue expanse of the Mediterranean.




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Meet our team

Cecilie has worked in advertising since she was 17 and worked with companies across the globe. She’s from Copenhagen, and has lived in the freetown Christiania and London for many years. She really doesn’t like cheese.

Cecilie Fossheim
Head of Graphic Design

Claudia was “extracted” from Sicily at age 12. She studied in Milan and in the US, then made Copenhagen her home, until she moved to Barcelona. She speaks 5 languages and is a voracious moviegoer.

Claudia Triolo
Video Team Leader

Anders has eight years of experience as a copywriter for different advertising agencies. When Anders is not in the office you’ll find him in one of the night clubs or in his local squash court.

Anders Larsen
Head of Customer Relations

Cecilie is a Danish lady passionate about the Mediterranean. Her secret mission is for esoft creative to fully integrate with its local milieu. Her interests span from international relations to playing the accordion.

Cecilie Weisberg
Senior Video Editor + production coordinator

Sancho has a degree in journalism and is an agency trained concept developer. He is also the lead singer of a punk band called Ingen Fantasi. Sancho learned a lot of the Spanish he knows from a watching a soap opera.

Sancho Napora
Senior Copywriter & Concept Developer

Thorbjørn has worked with communication strategies and PR within the broad range of arts and culture. Aside from that he’s a sommelier and he’s also the guy with the coolest nicknames - Thunder Bear and T-Bone to name a few.

Thorbjørn Sørensen
Senior Copywriter + Trainer

Mette is here, there and everywhere since she is both doing graphic work and copywriting. She thrives in hot climates. Oh - and she doesn’t drink coffee.

Mette Korsgaard
Senior Copywriter & Graphic Designer

Carmelo is born and raised Venezuelan. Loud and restless by nature, he believes in balance. Coincidence brought him to video editing and motion graphics, a place for storytelling. Opportunity brought him to BCN, where he could reinvent himself.

Carmelo Carrillo
Senior Video Editor

Lars is our philosopher, so if you’re ever wondering about the big questions in life, he is your guy. Lars has worked as a writer for a music magazine and he is the person to ask, if you are looking for a good concert.

Lars Krogh
Senior Copywriter

Gitte has worked as a copywriter for the PR agency CC Public Relations and the advertising agency Frontal Lab. She dreams of growing old on a terrace overlooking the mountains with a glass of tinto in her hand.

Gitte Nielsen
Senior Copywriter

Jeppe was a musician, but then he discovered the wonders of 3D printing, which is a love only surpassed by his love to his wonderful wife. He’s been in Spain for 9 years. Oh, sometimes he edits videos too.

Jeppe Rasmussen
Video Editor

Didac is (our only) Catalan which gives him more local street credibility than the rest of us combined. He also just became a father. Goodbye coolness! His baby is way more handsome than he is, so his girlfriend must be gorgeous. He has worked with audiovisual media for more than ten years.

Didac Casadella
Video Editor

Maria is the only Spaniard in the company. She believes that we can show the best part of everything through video and that’s why she loves her job. She has previously worked in TV production and international events.

Maria Surribas
Video Editor

Jannik is "aarhusianer" and a journalist from Journalisthøjskolen. He's also a sportsfreak who loves Juventus, Aarhus Fremad and long walks on the beach. He just changed his lifestyle from pumping guns and playing with footballs to drinking beers after work. We can't wait till he is fat like the rest of us.

Jannik Friis
Senior Copywriter

Louise is an all-round writer and has worked with cultural journalism, text production, curating and publishing. She used to live in Berlin and has the high score for tattoos. 

Louise Wiberg
Senior copywriter + trainer

Sofie is the proud inventor of the concept “sour hour”. We have no idea what it means. Ask her. She plans to methodically eat her way through Barcelona. Once, she was a freelancer doing PR for obscure shit like a theatre performance where the audience was placed in coffins … creepy …

Sofie Vestergaard
Senior Copywriter

Gitte is one of the newcomers and has a clear memory of all the start-up questions (and some answers), so please ask her if you think you can benefit from that. She lives in Barceloneta with her Argentinian boyfriend and spends her spare time learning Spanish and singing children’s songs. 

Gitte Henriksen
Senior Copywriter


Ellen is a copywriter by day and a carpenter by night. In the evening you might encounter her singing in a bar or sipping a caipirinha on a mountain slope. During full moon, she transforms into a “salsera” with a twist of kizomba. She’s been seen dancing in the streets more than once.

Ellen Hedin
Senior Copywriter

Maria is a skillful journalist from DMJX and a very enthusiastic dancer. She holds the Esoft-record of having lived in the most cities – Viborg, Vejle, Brønderslev, Børkop, Odense, Aarhus and Copenhagen – oh, and then Buenos Aires and Barcelona. She once interviewed the first married homosexual couple in South America. 

Maria Skov
Senior Copywriter

Since graduating from uni with at degree in rhetoric Christian has worked with social media, political communication and copywriting. Being a native of Aarhus there is a special place in his heart for the local football heroes from AGF and the poet Jørgen Leth. His passion for football and basketball also makes Christian a regular at FC Barcelona games and at the local sports bar.

Christian Torrild
Senior Copywriter

Jacob has a soft spot for Cacaolat, sweet dessert wine and filled chocolates. He holds a diploma in journalism from DMJX, and before moving to Catalonia, he has lived in other places starting with the letter C – Copenhagen, Canada and Cambodia.

Jacob Andersen
Senior Copywriter

In his educational backpack Wagner caries experiences in both programming and graphic design. In his spare time the backpack is often filled with snowboard and hiking equipment or even parachutes, as this Brazilian enjoys an active and daredevil-ish lifestyle. 


Wagner Matos
Lead Developer

Darryl moved to Barcelona escaping cloudy London in spring 2016, taking with him a remote job, as many clothes as he could fit in a suitcase and happy memories of being an AirBnb host. He began at esoft in the autumn same year working in a new startup-like team inside the creative office. When not writing code, he finds the time to play the guitar, drink beer and rollerblade.

Darryl October

Tine combines a BA in Nordic Languages and Literature with a degree in IT and Organization and therefore she understands Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Python. It’s a joke… But at the same time, it is also serious enough to make her a skilful project leader in the department for digital developing.

Tine Bundgaard
Project Leader

Just like the world famous footballer Allan Simonsen, Simon took the big step from Vejle to Barcelona. Where Simonsen mesmerized his audience with the ball, Simon uses his journalistic background to play with words. Also he uses his fluency in Spanish to familiarize himself with the Barcelonian football culture all the way from the smallest stadiums to the majestic Camp Nou.

Simon Pallesen

As an architect, May has a great eye for both the bigger structures and the finer details. Her creativity is not only expressed through her work but also in her spare time projects that include photography and painting. May is one of the yoga people at the office and rumours say, that she holds the black belt!

May Winkelmann

Even in an office with hordes of Danes there is one person more Viking than the others –at esoft that guy is Tue. The Viking genetics predisposes him to the red beard and a lust for combat, which he keeps in check playing Magic The Gathering and video games. After studying TV and filmmaking, he set sails from the shores of Aarhus to join us as an intern in video editing. 

Tue Clausen
Video Editing Intern

Have you ever met a Swede who doesn’t like “kanelbullar”? Maria is one of the few so instead of baking cakes she uses her spare time building Lego models and reading Harry Potter. She had difficulties enrolling at Hogwarts, which is why she studied media communication in Örebro. The studies led her to a Greek university named after Aristotle – as close to Hogwarts as it gets.

Maria Olsson

With her half Danish, half Norwegian background, Kat knows a thing or two about Nordic chic. Add to that her studies in Media Graphics and her natural talent for getting things done and you have an elegant and deadly finisher. Her interest in visual expressions makes for a creative photographer and a great admirer of Wes Anderson’s colourful and highly choreographed movies.

Katharina Steensen
Graphic Design Intern

Aarhus, Buenos Aires, and Copenhagen are among the places Asbjørn has lived, and here he respectively studied journalism, fell in love with South American literature, and was born. He likes “cola y Fernet Branca” and to dance the tango, although his skills in the first exceed the ones in the latter.Fernet Branca” and to dance the tango, although his skills in the first exceed the ones in the latter.

Asbjørn Brandt-Pedersen

Tom has worked as an infant school teacher for 8 years so he got used to working at esoft surprisingly fast. The British guy also holds a degree in graphic design, which makes him a splendid video editor by day – and a creative tornado by night where his many creations include sculpting and painting monster figures!

Tom McAdam
Video Editor

Victor likes tickling fat dogs and watching old episodes of Power Rangers. If you dare to hear more, he’s also a Dominican Republic native and holds a film degree from the school with the straightforward name of Centre d’Estudis Cinematografics de Catalunya.

Victor Cantisano
Video Editor

After finishing her studies in Fine Arts and Media, Lise has done both a festival about modern architecture and external communication at a leading architectural firm before joining us in Barcelona. When she is not working, she enjoys the view from both the mountaintops surrounding the city and the many art galleries within it.

Lise Goldschmidt Laursen

You can burn my clothes up when I’m gone, could sound like a provocative promise from Stine. But actually it is just a line from one of her favourite songs Achy Breaky Heart. Though she would love to spend her time only listening to suspicious 90’s music, she also uses her journalistic background as a copywriter at esoft.


Stine Antoft
Daniel Silva
Software Developer

With a degree in Electronic Engineering and more than a decade of experience in programming, Juan is a skilled backend developer at esoft. At home he is the farther of two lovely and lively girls, so if he ever looks a bit tired in the morning, you know why.


Juan Cermeño
Backend Developer

When Sara Nanna is not a video editor at esoft, she edits her own video projects that often star dolls of her own creation. You should check it out on her homepage! Studies have led her to design school and a film school in New York, and her passion for movies has led her to the South Korean director Kim Ki-duk. You should check him out as well!


Sara Jørgensen
Video Editor

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